Dapper Labs Opens NBA Top Shot Beta to All Fans

Dapper Labs, creators of CryptoKitties and company known for building accessible sports, entertainment consumer experiences on blockchain technology, today announced that its highly anticipated NBA Top Shot is now available to consumers worldwide. Previously in closed beta, NBA Top Shot struck a chord with early adoption, generating nearly 43,000 packs sold, 29,000 Moments gifted, and 10,500 Moments sold in the Marketplace. As the product opens to basketball fans everywhere, NBA Top Shot also becomes the first blockchain-based collectibles offered in Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

“Collecting NBA Top Shots is a lot of fun – and thanks to the Flow blockchain, your collections are worth real money,” said Roham Gharegozlou, CEO, Dapper Labs, adding, “the NBA Top Shot community is the best I’ve ever worked with: people are always happy to help. We knew that the benefits of blockchain would be obvious to sports fans, they’re already collectors, after all, but to scale to the size of basketball fandom, it had to be on Flow.”

The 17,000 collectors who have already been invited to NBA Top Shot’s closed beta have spent thousands of hours opening packs, trading Moments, and completing collections together. As fans enter NBA Top Shot they are instantly immersed into a world where they can discover great plays, open packs to collect rare “Moments” or the most dynamic plays of the season, show off their epic collections, and trade with their peers to complete sets and win challenges. With their digital collectibles, secured by Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain, the company’s new blockchain built to support consumer experiences and games at scale, collectors have unprecedented abilities to truly own digital collectibles and have the autonomy to buy/sell/trade them for real-money results.

NBA Top Shot gives collectors the ability to truly own their assets, and buy, sell, and trade their collectibles, and do so in a mobile environment.

To access the game, fans simply visit Samsung’s Galaxy Store or the NBA Top Shot website. Once they log in, they can instantly access a variety of packs holding Top Shots of different scarcities and rarities.  Early packs, many of which sold out in minutes during the beta, include game-altering Buzzer Beaters, monster dunks in Throwdowns, and the first time NBA Playoffs plays have been available in collectibles for fans to own in First Round.

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