1,256 Colored Shape NFTs Just Sold Out In One Hour

Mixart.io today announced the overwhelmingly successful launch of “One Shape. One Color” NFT Collection. The collection was a social experiment to determine if the world’s most minimal NFT collection can spark interest and stir up the NFT community. One hour and a few minutes after launching their NFT minting, the entire collection was sold out.

Amazingly, this project was put together in only a few days. NFT artist Mick Gow posted a TikTok showing his process, and it went viral with over 120,000 views overnight. Comments came streaming in, one person saying “What do I have to do to get that red square” and another “where can I buy one?”.

“I asked myself, what’s the most simple (or dumb) concept I can come up with, because sometimes those ideas are the most thought provoking,” says Mick Gow. The collection contains 1,256 unique items, programmatically created combining one shape and one color. While the concept is supposed to be “dumb”, it certainly is an interesting social experiment. It raises the question how much would NFT art collectors value one shape in one color, with no value other than bragging rights. The collection is based on the concept that the most common primary shapes (squares, circles, and triangles) and the three primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) are the most sought after, hence the most rare in the collection.

The One Shape One Color website is quite satirical, with phrases like “Years in the making” and “Is it art? Is it beautiful? Does it have a deeper meeting? No, it’s just colored shapes.” This project could be compared to DOGE Coin, and may just be a new genre of meme NFTs – where they outwardly make fun of themselves.

Once in the hands of collectors, it will be interesting to watch the collection grow as it gets traded. While it’s difficult to imagine success the size of Crypto Punks, breaking the rules is commonplace in NFTs. More information can be found at https://mixart.io/one where the project launched and are now trading via OpenSea at https://opensea.io/collection/oneshapeonecolor

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