Announcing the World’s First NFT Keychain Accessory: Finally, a Way to Stylishly Display and Advertise NFT’s

Artifact Technology announces creation of the first ever physical NFT Keychain accessory as well as Artifact Marketplace App which enables users to display, and advertise NFT projects directly on their keychain (patent pending), with a limited supply presale starting early November-(exact date TBD).

Artifact is excited to give consumers the chance to show off their NFT pieces in a unique way and will make an appearance at NFT NYC, November 1-4, 2021. The Keychain features NFT casting for JPEG, GIF, and MP4 formats. It has secure Web3 wallet verification and is password-protected. Each one is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. It offers secure links to multiple NFT marketplaces from Opensea to Rarible and everything in between. It’s the perfect display for and verification of your NFT galleries. Artifact Technology LLC is proud to partner with world-renowned Enventys Partners for global order fulfillment ,material sourcing, Mobile and Web App development, as well as intellectual property development.

Artifact Technology LLC believes that NFTs are the future for art project marketing and business branding. This physical NFT accessories many uses will span across industries from healthcare to digital marketing. Limited Supply Presale is starting soon and will only be open for a brief time before closing the doors to concentrate on the finishing touches, manufacturing, and fulfillment of pre sale orders. Sign up to get on the waitlist at

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