Concept Art House Partners with Genopets to Reinvent AAA Mobile Game Design Through Personalized, Evolving NFTs

Concept Art House (CAH), a leading content developer and publisher for some of the world’s most recognizable NFTs and video game art, is honored to be partnering with Genopets, the first Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT game, in their pursuit of bringing AAA game-quality artwork to the Genopets.

By tackling a game design challenge that has never been executed before, the newly launched interactive and blockchain-based game – built on Solana – is reinventing and reimagining how gamers act, via unique and distinct NFTs that evolve based on the actions of players.

Unlike traditional mobile game artists who have the luxury of designing a finite set of characters, Genopets delivered a spirit animal that is a unique reflection of every player by approaching the design via sophisticated 3D models (as opposed to standard JPEGs) that allow the art to become more beautiful as players interact, in effect allowing Genopet NFT’s to accrue value based on distinctive, idiosyncratic personalization.

“Our team has meticulously created an anatomical design system that allows for a massive range of permutations so that each Genopet can be unique to each player,” said Benjamin Tse, CPO and Co-Founder of Genopets. “Genopets are designed to be completely modular and are procedurally generated and upgraded to evolve as players interact with the game, essentially allowing users to become virtual graphic artists in their own right.”

“We are thrilled to be working alongside the Genopets team and the innovation behind the move-to-earn ecosystem will create more demand in the NFT space and excitement for digital assets,” said CAH CEO James Zhang. “This game epitomizes the promise of Web 3.0, and of the thousands of games that we have been involved with this concept is particularly exciting and we can only imagine how enticing it will be to users.”

The number of permutations Genopets is building is in the millions highlighting the sheer volume of work required to scale, deliver, and execute the creation of a unique spirit animal with 12 different body parts for every player, 77 levels, and 12 stages of evolution. This system currently consists of a body, head, ears, eyes, horns, manes, tails, wings, antennae, emblems, light lines, and accessories combined to create a nearly infinite number of unique Genopets. This design enables everything in a way that is aesthetically pleasing no matter the combination, and the endless customization is only possible with a powerhouse partner like CAH, who provides high caliber graphics and art at scale to some of the best-known names in the entertainment industry and is working to bring the Genoverse to life through a strong vision and versatile experience in the gaming industry.

About Concept Art House

Since 2007, Concept Art House (CAH) has provided art for some of the most popular and successful game companies in the world. CAH has shipped over 1000 games and collectibles with the most influential brands in gaming, entertainment, and digital assets/NFTs with many reaching top rankings in iTunes, Google Play, Steam, OpenSea, and console marketplaces. CAH is proud of its successful track record and its team of world-class art directors, dedicated producers, and talented artists who bring decades of expertise in digital entertainment, technology, and creative services to our partners. CAH has created art for gaming franchises such as: Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, Game of Thrones: Conquest, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Magic: The Gathering, Marvel: Contest of Champions, NBA 2K series, ROBLOX, PUBG and many more. CAH is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Shanghai and Chengdu.

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