Crowdcreate Launches the NFT Crypto & Blockchain Conference Amidst the Boom

Everyone is talking about NFTs, now you can hear about it from the top NFT thought leaders in the industry. Crowdcreate is hosting the NFT Global Conference on March 30 with some of the most successful startup founders, investors, artists, and celebrities in the NFT industry. These thought leaders will share insights on what’s going on today, and how you can get ahead. Register for the NFT Crypto & Blockchain Conference here (capacity is limited).

Panelists joining the one day event include James Ferguson (CEO of Immutable), John Crain (CEO of, Jingcheng li (FBG Capital), Chris Arnold (Morgan Creek Capital), Maria Shen (Electric Capital), Andrew Moy (Playbook Capital), David Huntzinger (William Morris Endeavor), Chris Kameir (Sustany Capital), Vanessa Grellet (Consensys), Joel Comm (Bad Crypto), and 200+ other influential NFT thought leaders.

Topics to be discussed include what are NFTs, the growth of the NFT industry, what is working/what is not, technology supporting the NFT industry (issuers, marketplaces, financialization, tools), barriers to wider adoption, what’s next, and the Future of NFTs.

Crowdcreate is a marketing company that connects businesses with the world’s most influential thought leaders that can help grow their business. These movers and shakers include investors, startup founders, business executives, influencers, early adopters, and product reviewers. Crowdcreate specializes in data research and outreach marketing to help companies get connected. Some of the largest companies in the world use Crowdcreate’s service to raise investor funds, increase sales, create buzz, acquire users, and grow their online community.

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