Crowny Loyalty Program Now Available to AscendEX Users

To kick off the new year, Crowny and AscendEX have hit the ground running by taking their partnership to the next level, offering all AscendEX users access to the Crowny Loyalty Program.

The collaboration between Crowny and AscendEX started in 2021 following CRWNY’s listing on AscendEX. Not long after that moment, two companies decided to partner up and collaborate on strengthening their online presence. Our teams are thrilled to announce that the Crowny Loyalty program is now available to all AscendEX users. The Director of Client Success at AscendEX, Dimitry Chesnokov noted, “It’s always exciting to see our partners grow as they achieve big milestones. We are committed to supporting the Crowny team and look forward to growing our partnership further”.

A big leap forward, the next steps for Crowny and AscendEX

As AscendEX has now finished the internal migration of CRWNY from Ethereum to Solana, our teams project things will start moving quickly. The onboarding of AscendEX into the Crowny Platform will start soon after. Moving forward, it will be possible to send AscendEX branded content through the Crowny Loyalty Program, allowing all users to begin earning Crowny BLP (Brand Loyalty Points) and encouraging both communities to interact and connect. Following the initial phase, AscendEX will be launching their own Branded Loyalty Program in the Crowny App, making them one of the first official launching crypto customers!

As the year progresses, AscendEX and Crowny will continue to collaborate to bring benefits to each other’s communities. ”We have some nice surprises for all our early adopters in the next few months!”; Quincy Dagelet, CEO of Crowny says, “and that will make 2022 a great year for both companies and their customers”.

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