Pay Now Powers CRO Payments From Any ERC-20 Wallet today announced that Pay — the company’s payment solution for online merchants — will now support CRO payments from any ERC-20 wallet. This evolution of Pay will help merchants expand their reach by giving customers more wallet options to spend CRO and increase transaction volume.

There are an estimated 30 million+ ERC-20 wallets in use throughout the global crypto industry, representing a massive market for merchants seeking to attract crypto users. Today’s enhancement of Pay allows merchants to drive broad acceptance of payments from all ERC-20 wallets.

Kris Marszalek, Co-founder and CEO of said: “This marks an important milestone in CRO utility and a major step towards widespread adoption of CRO. Now, any user with an ERC-20 wallet can transact with Pay merchants. Those merchants will benefit from a large customer base using 30M+ ERC-20 wallets, regardless of which wallet customers choose to use.”

Benoît Pellevoizin, VP of Marketing at Ledger, said: “As one of the most prominent crypto industry players. It is Ledger’s duty to stimulate crypto adoption for all comers. At Ledger we are convinced crypto mass adoption will be brought by new services enabling regular digital usage such as ecommerce payments. Ledger is very glad to partner with by supporting CRO tokens on Ledger Live. From now on, Ledger’s users will be able to pay in CRO ERC-20 tokens with Ledger Live on ecommerce websites supporting this new Pay feature.”

Alen Salamun, CTO of BC Vault, said: “This is what blockchain is all about in the first place! It is always nice to see a company as provide more and more real-world use cases for their token (CRO). Since BC Vault hardware crypto wallet supports all ERC-20 tokens in existence with the launch on Pay system now BC Vault users are able to pay directly from within the BC Vault desktop application to any merchant supporting Pay on-chain payment. Our valued customers will also be able to pay for their BC Vault hardware crypto wallet in our online store using any existing ERC-20 wallet holding CRO tokens. Now you can even buy BC Vault with BC Vault!”

Steve Hipwell, Co-Founder and COO of, said: “We are the world’s largest blockchain-based online travel company, which means it’s critical that we offer users flexible payment options in crypto. By accepting CRO payment from any ERC-20 wallet, Pay opens up crypto payments to millions more wallets, making it easier to pay for bookings and bringing us one step closer to widespread crypto adoption.”

Since launching in 2018, Pay has helped merchants such as Ledger, Coinzilla, as well as platforms such as WooCommerce and Oveit tap into the global cryptocurrency economy and accept crypto on their website. Pay features zero transaction fees and only 0.5% for settlements – an 80% saving on fees compared to typical payment processors – with low volatility and easy integration for merchants. Merchants interested in offering Pay to their customers can sign up here.

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