EU-Crypto Bank Deploys Multilingual Support on Trading Platform

In recent years, the online trading sector has grown, as this activity has become more global and widespread. For that reason, leading online trading brand EU-Crypto Bank has recently announced that it is facilitating its services in several more languages, other than English. As of today, the company’s services are all available in Polish and Arabic, including the website and interface, as well as the support representatives answering customer queries.

“We are aware of how complex it can be to make trading-related decisions when the information traders have is not in their mother tongue, even if their level of English is good,” commented Bohdan Kraus, spokesperson for EU-Crypto Bank. “That’s why we’ve made this effort, and we’re just getting started. We plan on adding more languages to our list in the near future, so as to make online trading as accessible and democratized as possible. It is part of our core belief as a company.”

Global trading with a local feel

Recent studies show that, despite the global recuperation from the COVID-19 financial crisis, people around the world are still deploying alternative means of income-making, which is why it is important to make venues such as online trading as open as possible to a worldwide population. It is not only about a language barrier, though, as several factors such as culture, norms and trading hours also have to be taken into consideration.

“We know it takes a lot more than just to translate our website,” added Kraus, “and that’s why we’ve been planning this move for months now, crossing every T and dotting every I in the process to make sure we offer the best service, no matter in what language. We invite traders from every region to check out our attractive offer and superior conditions.”

About EU-Crypto Bank

Based in Europe and serving online traders from around the world, where local regulations permit this type of activity, EU-Crypto bank has grown to be one of the most reputed brands in the industry. This is thanks to its robust trading offer, efficient platform and infrastructure, and high standard of information security, among other factors. Today, traders can choose between six different trading accounts, suited to different budgets and goals. Support is granted on a 24-hour basis and five days a week, through various channels of communication.

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