New Generation of Mobile Crypto-Fiat Trading Solution

Tap’s internal Alpha was released earlier this week and the initial reaction from those that have seen it is pure excitement. Knowing how complicated managing your crypto portfolio is and how difficult it is to utilize your crypto in everyday situations, it was a breath of fresh air to see how simple, intuitive and complete the TAP app will be once it is fully finished.

Arsen, the CEO of TAP, has stated there is still some distance to go but remains calm and confident:

“The team and I were really pleased to see the first version of the TAP app and be able to have a play with it. Not all the features are live yet, however, what has been completed is the hard bit. That is why it was such a relief to receive this version on schedule. From here, we can add features every week or 2 and really refine the user interface to make it the best crypto app available”

Currently, just the trading features that are live. This means you can trade from fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto. 2 minutes of using the app is enough to feel completely at ease with the whole process. Buying or selling bitcoin into any other supported currency is as easy as playing a song on sportify, for example.

Arsen then stated what features would be available in the next month or 2.

“Within 60 days we should be very near completion. This means that you’ll be able to onboard with fiat with a bank transfer or card payment and from there be able to buy any supported currency, be it crypto or fiat. Withdrawing fiat or crypto will also be available and the TAP payment card will be ready to order. The complicated stuff is working well so it really will be quick progress from here”

Arsen expects the TAP app to facilitate mass adoption of cryptocurrency and based on how easy TAP will make buying and spending crypto, it is easy to see why. At the very least it will help those who wanted to get into crypto but thought it was too complicated. There is a good chance TAP will change the way people view cryptocurrencies and perhaps the community will start to see them as spendable assets.


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