OKEx’s First Partner Exchange CoinAll Lists Next-Generation Smart Contract Platform GoChain’s GO Token

GoChain announces its listing on CoinAll (coinall.com), the first Partner Exchange of OKEx. The GO token will be available for deposits on 17:00 Nov 12th (Hong Kong Time, UTC +8).

GoChain is a scalable, Ethereum based blockchain that supports smart contracts and distributed applications with high performance at a low cost. It solves the Ethereum scaling problem with immediacy and enables DApp and smart contract developers to lift and shift from Ethereum to GoChain for 100x increased performance. ETH has 13 transactions per second (tps) while NEO has 33, and GO has 1300 tps, while consuming a considerably less amount of energy.

GoChain’s CTO Travis Reeder was formerly the founder of Iron.io. He has been building infrastructure and applications for over 20 years. While at Iron, his team pioneered Serverless Cloud Computing to over 1 million tps.

Travis says, “CoinAll is new, but we believe in their vision, their team and we look forward to a long term partnership with them. We have chosen CoinAll, not only because it leads us towards the turnover to OKEx, but also we believe in the power of the ecosystem and the future we can create together. GoChain has a bunch of new ICO projects coming out very soon, and we are looking forward to having a deeper collaboration with CoinAll. ”

According to CoinAll’s official website, the GO token will begin trading on CoinAll Exchange on 17:00 Nov 13th (Hong Kong Time, UTC +8) . CoinAll Exchange will also hold airdrop events until Nov 20th for eligible traders, who will be able to win a share of 850,000 GO rewarded for depositing, 6 BTC for buying.

As the world’s first community-based autonomous exchange, CoinAll adopts the advanced and secure technology of OKEx, including the world-class order matching system, digital asset wallet, and funds settlement system. CoinAll shares OKEx’s massive user base of more than 20M users. All OKEx accounts can be used to log into CoinAll and trade without further registration.

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