Celsius had 350% employee growth in one year of COVID-19

Celsius, the industry-leading cryptocurrency rewards-earning platform, announces today its new employee growth numbers over the past twelve months. From March 2020 to March 2021, the Celsius team grew nearly 350% with the addition of many new roles and positions and the expansion of several critical departments within the company.

Celsius now has over 150 total employees operating from fifteen countries worldwide and prides itself on its rich workforce diversity of culture, thought, and experiences. Over the past year, each department within Celsius has scaled significantly with key areas of growth in operations, lending, finance, marketing, and technology. During this time, Celsius has also added several critical departments to further its organizational structure including a robust security department, an innovative strategy team, business insights and data analytics experts, and more.

The job creation growth at Celsius over the past year also aligns with the company’s exponential growth numbers overall in 2020. As global interest in cryptocurrency has gained traction, Celsius has responded effectively to meet the needs of the ever-growing crypto industry. As Celsius continues to expand, its areas of focus for organizational growth include scaling its customer support operations, bringing on experts in the areas of risk, product, and marketing, and building a dynamic company infrastructure to bring the best products possible to its community.

“At Celsius, we believe that if you build a great company, you will attract great talent, and we are so proud of the talent that makes up Team Celsius,” said Trunshedda Ramos, VP of People at Celsius. “The past year has been an exciting challenge in the wake of extraordinary growth. It has also been a wonderful opportunity and a privilege to be able to create so many new jobs at a time of unprecedented global job loss. Celsius’ internal growth only further proves that our mission of acting in the best interest of the community helps create more value for the entire ecosystem.”

Celsius is actively recruiting for new roles and always looking for talented and passionate individuals to join its growing team. To see available job listings or learn more about careers at Celsius, please visit celsius.network/careers

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